Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sophomore Registration

Quick one today, I have to take a shower so I do not embarrass my child at registration. We go this morning so he can get his picture taken and get his class assignment. Where did all the time go. A good friend of mine is saying goodbye to her daughter as she leaves for college today. So many kids getting ready for new adventures. Amazing. Then, last night when I was working, there was a very pregnant woman expecting her first child. Some days it seems like yesterday when I got the news I was pregnant with Tyler, now he is starting high school.

First steps, first words, first hurts, first smiles, all so long ago. I relish the times we spend together now. Having conversations, sharing Facebook, whatever. He still doesn't have a cell phone. Won't get one until he can pay for it himself. Life sometimes, is not fair.

I am off to get in the shower and put on make-up on my day off, a minor miracle really. I will not cry and make him red in the face. I will be happy that he has reached another milestone in his life. I will be happy.

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

And then comes the time when your baby tells you he is looking at wedding rings. Sniff, sniff. Love you and cherish reading your memories!

Kay Klebba said...

WHAT?????? Michael is getting married, I have not heard this one. What the heck?