Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If God is for us, who can stand against us?

As my life gets more chaotic, I find myself, at odd times going to my bible to seek comfort. Since I usually seek comfort in brownies or some kind of chocolate and then, as an afterthought, go to God, this is a new one for me. Going to God first is becoming a habit of mine that I want to keep. I am embracing all the comfort of knowing I have a heavenly father that watches over my every step. And knowing that all things happen in His perfect time, not my own.

That's a tough one to wrap my mind around. His perfect timing. We understand it once we come through something hard. Being in the middle of something hard, it is not so easy to understand God' timing. We have the perfect solutions, if only He would show up. It is humbling to come to a place and know that He is showing up right on time. His time is not our time. We just wish He would hurry the heck up sometimes.

As the things of this world weigh us down, let us all lighten our loads a little bit. Go to God and receive his peace. Which, according to the bible, we cannot fathom the depth of His peace, if we go to Him and ask for it. Our Heavenly Father wants to know what we are going through and help us through it. We just have to accept it. Receive His Peace.

I encourage you all to go to God with all your stuff. The small stuff too. I truly believe He just wants the conversation to start. No fancy words, just a lightening of our hearts. Stand in the shadow of His protection.

God bless you and yours.

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