Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Three different schools.

Okay, Tyler is in high school, Grant in middle school and the twins at elementary school. So where does this leave us? Running around like crazy people and going nuts. Filling out forms in quadruplcat (sp?) and going to open houses. Yikes, sounds like madness and it is.

We don't start school here in Michigan until after Labor Day, so it is late this year. I have two more weeks of at home kids. So bored with each other that they fight constantly and make me crazy. I did get them all new shoes. Except for Tatum, she has inherited my shoe fetish and has way too many shoes. And hand me downs from all her cousins. Yikes, she has more shoes than I do. I was very happy with my extra 30% off at Kohls and the shoes were all on sale, so three pairs of boys/men shoes for 80 bucks is not too bad.

Hit all the back to school sales for supplies, don't really need crayons and markers and all that jazz, but needed spiral notebooks, pencils, and paper. I need folders too, but I just remembered, I did not buy those yet, oops. I will get those later. I always buy markers and crayons when they are sale so I do not have to buy them in the middle of the school year for projects.

After all of this, we just wait until the day of school starts. Yeah!!!! I may take the day off and go listen to the silence. I love listening to the silence. It's my favorite sound.

What have you done to get ready for school? How are the kiddies doing?

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

I'm jealous. We are into our third week of school and the dust hasn't settled yet. You go back so late! Even our college students go back before Labor Day. I'd say enjoy the last lazy days of summer and start the school bedtimes soon!

apittman said...

School supply shopping day is practically a holiday at our house. I'm blessed with kids who are as freakishly obsessed with finding the perfect composition book as I am! But, joy-oh-joy! My twins are in High School, and we made THEM fill out the paperwork, leaving us to just do the signing. That was like getting a little gift!

Christina said...

You know Meijer is having the back-to-school penny sales, right? One subject notebooks, a penny. Packs of pens, a penny. Packs of pencils, a penny. Folders, a penny. I've seen advertisements for Staples, Office Max, and Target doing similar sales, but it seems like Meijer is offering more items.