Friday, August 7, 2009


As I work at Starbucks and serve countless people in a day, I am dumbfounded by their lack of manners. Mostly teenagers, but lately, old and young alike, have lost their ability to be kind and courteous. This results in me coming home on a friday night after working, waking Tyler from a dead sleep and lecturing him to make sure my kids do not act like mongrels. When did the manners stop? I actually came home yesterday hating the public at large.

I know as I sat at my dinner table, I had to ask politely, "could you pass the peas please?" and once they hit my hand, I had to say thank you. I want to know why parents stopped teaching their children manners. I did not. My kids are polite. Total strangers tell me how polite my children are, so I am pretty confident in this. Manners begin in your home, period. Please and thank you should be uttered thoughtlessly, not eliminated from their vocabulary. If one more teenager asks me to "get me a strawberry frappacino" I think I shall ask for the magic word. "What's the magic word?" I don't care if there is a line out the door every friday, I must take a stand for humanity and insist on the magic word. Then, I think the bar person should physically hold the frappacino hostage until the other magic word is uttered, thank you. Such a small amount of effort to be polite and we all have fallen short some how.

I am constantly amazed at the children of today and how much they lack in manners, common etiquette, and the simple matter of being around adults. Most cannot hold a conversation without including all the texting synonyms. Some cannot spell, because of the same synonyms. Omg, idk what to do with these kids. Most teenagers cannot even order properly because they are texting at the same time. Rude, rude, rude. We have to put it to a stop.

If my mother and I were in a line and I was a teenager and I was rude I know she would have slapped me silly, made me apologize and then slapped me again. Rudeness is running rampant and I want to know when this started. Because most of my friends discipline as I do, I know you are all going to agree with me, but is anyone out there who would like to get on a soap box and tell me why manners are not important? Just checking.

God bless you and yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

It started when parents quit being parents and let other people deal with their children because "it's the teachers job" etc. I agree, rudeness abounds. We have gotten so far from the courtesous path it is ridiculous. I know when I come across a cashier/waiter/flight attendant, whatever that is so nice & polite I am floored. We have gotten so used to people being rude & doing their jobs horrilbly that we are shocked when someone does it correctly & politely. It should not be this way. We should be shocked at the rudeness. Please, thank you etc. or even a smile is just common decent human behavior, or at leat it used to be. Maybe in these tough economic times, we will all be able to get back to the basics/simplify life. Maybe then we will all remember that kind words/deeds are worth more than things.