Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maxed Out

So, between looking for a house, getting ready for school, sleep overs, teenagers, and all the rest, I am a little maxed out. I know we have all been on this precipice before. Standing on the edge, knowing something very small could pitch us over it. Usually, during these times, I like to hibernate. That is so, if I do go bonkers, I do not offend those around me. I don't have time to hibernate, so someone could get offended.

It could be the teenager who has become accustomed to telling me what he thinks he is going to do instead of asking. It could be the surly co-worker, who is so miserable, I believe that this person will die alone with hundreds of cats. It could be my brother in law's dog whom we babysit every day, who at this present time is jumping on me and trying to get me to pet him, thus messing up my typing. All these have a decent shot at throwing me over the edge.

If you add in that I have been up since three in the morning because I woke up thinking about all that is going on in my life, and tossed and turned until I just got up to read my bible. That helped a lot, but I am still exhausted.

What do you do when you are maxed out?

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Cry at random times for no particular reason. Screaming helps too.

Anonymous said...

This is the sole reason why I run - Monday was the day from hell and I wanted to scratch the eyes out anyone who looked at me wrong. Four quick miles - I could breathe again and nobody dies - I swear it's keeping me out of jail!