Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I cook for nothing

As a working mom, sometimes I feel guilty that my kids don't get home cooking. Sometimes I feel so guilty, I make a wonderful dinner. That is usually the day that my husband comes home and says, "I had a late lunch, looks great, but I am not hungry". The kids are eating over their friends houses and all my hard work goes into the fridge as leftovers.

This summer, I have discovered that kids like carnival food. Any day I get out the deep fryer and make chicken nuggets, french fries and cheese sticks, they are happy. I cannot, in all good motherhood, do this more than once or twice a month. My kids would die of a heart attack by the time they were twenty. Hey, everyone loves the deep fried stuff. Of course we do, or we would not go to the state fair for elephant ears and indian fry bread. Or deep fried twinkies. I actually tried one of those, all I can say is, not worth it. Totally disgusting. Now, a real, dipped, deep fried corn dog, that I can do. There is something magical about it. Crispy yumminess, dipped in mustard, so good. Baking frozen corn dogs out of a box do not compare to deep fried freshly dipped ones. Hmmmmmm, when is the state fair?

So, after grilling and salad making and Sunday dinners and all my hard work, all they really want is carnival food. Well, being a mom, I must shove something healthy down their gullets, or it's just wrong. Every time I see some child with pop or kool-aid in a bottle, I want to talk to the mom. Not that pop and kool-aid are bad, they should just be used in moderation, not as a daily drink for hydration. And I don't think they ever belong in a bottle. Just my opinion, but seriously, come on.

So what's for dinner tonight you ask? It is my day off from my other job, so I will grill out whatever meat is on sale. Marinate it in Italian dressing. Make a cole-slaw/ramen salad, and maybe some roasted potatoes. See? Protein, green stuff, potatoes. Nice balance. The deep fryer shall wait for another day. Oooooohhhhh, I have watermelon for desert. Not the healthiest of fruits, but hey, it's summer.

What are you making for dinner?

God bless you and yours.

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