Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeah, it's Friday....

So today has so much going on. I do love a Friday. Mostly because I don't work Saturdays and it is the one day I have to sleep in and enjoy myself. So really, I love Saturday, but I digress. Today, I don't have to work until 6:30 tonight. Today, my son comes home from his missions trip. Today, I will work on my new book a little more. Yeah me.

I think the love of fridays goes back to school and the wonderfulness of weekends. Even if you had homework, you could put it off for two days. No classes, no stuff, just the weekend with friends and fun. Love it. If you are in Arizona, and it is close to summer, that means a trip to the lake or tubing down the Salt River. Fun, fun, fun. The lakes here in Michigan are huge, they actually have waves. I have no idea how anyone can have fun water skiing on these lakes, the chop is immense. In Arizona, you can actually see the other side of the lake, and most of the lakes are surrounded by mountains, love it.

Tubing the Salt river in Arizona is something everyone should do at least once. Just wear your tennis shoes, or really, your river shoes. Once you have worn some shoes to tube, those are your tubing shoes. You cannot really get the funk out, and you will need lace up shoes that won't fall off. You should start your tubing at the dam and go to the bridge. It will take three to four hours, which is a nice ride. If someone says "Butts up" that means it is rocky and to get your butt up or it will get bruised. No matter how much you get dared, do NOT jump off the water tower. Once you go up, there is only one way down and that is to jump. And if the sheriff sees you, he will ticket you. It is very, very far up there.

What fun weekend things did you do in high school? Any traditions out there? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

Tubing, I miss tubing. Don't forget the tub o sun screen or you will get funky tan lines, only on the FRONT! I don't know about the chop on the lakes here in IL, I can't get over the water temp! I keep saying I miss skiing but refuse to get in the water with out a dry suit!