Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A video hello from Tyler

Okay, so I was excited to open my email today and see a video hello from Tyler. He is on his mission trip. He is not even seven hours away. It was a sweet message, just a hello, things are going great, and I love you. I cried like a baby. He hasn't even been gone a week and will be home Friday and I am a mess with one little video hello.

It made me wonder about all those mothers during WWII or Vietnam, who waited anxiously for any kind of word from their boys. What strength and faith they must have had. Weeks could go by and they would not hear from their child, then, a letter with familiar writing. How their hearts must have soared at just that little piece of paper. How does a mother write back and tell her son to be brave in horrible circumstances? What words can give comfort from so many miles away? Mothers sent cookies and goodies and little things from home. Receiving these things must have been awesome. My dad smoked when he was in Korea. I remember him vividly, years later, thanking my grandmother for all the care packages with cigarettes and cookies and such. Small things from home mean so much.

So who is out of your sight today and how much do you miss them? Send a letter, a fax, an email, but let them know you love them. Reach out and touch someone today.

God bless you and yours.

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