Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chicas por Jesus

So, I am still so excited about being a part of Velocity, our youth group's summer camp. Totally amazing. I was blessed to take a small part in having three of our kids give their lives to Christ. A totally humbling experience for me. As the high school girls leader, I was not directly involved with the middle schoolers, but they were on my floor and I adopted all of them last week. MacKenzie gave her life to Christ with Erica her leader in the mix and it was awesome. We celebrated with a dance party in our room with snacks and a circle of love. All the girls came in and we got to know each other. All the girls in the circle that knew Jesus gave some wonderful advice to our new sister in Christ.

The theme of Velocity was "Donde esta la Revolucion?" Where is the Revolution. Revolution in our schools, churches, and homes. I always called the girls my Chicas. So at the end of our Circle of love, we put all hands in and gave the "Chicas Por Jesus" on three. We also "tatooed" it on our arms for the Battle of Helms deep. Okay, we only put it on in Sharpie, but the message was clear. We are Girls for Jesus. We are proud of it. We stand by it. We live by it.

Our kids want better in this world. They want the bar set higher. They want us to expect the best in them, not settle for what they can handle. Our children strive to make hard choices and come out on the other end better people. In our society, we expect far too little of our kids. You would be amazed at what these amazing people want to accomplish. In their own lives and in their world. Are we as parents expecting the best or preparing for the worst? Make hard choices, make them make hard choices. Don't let them skate by in this world, they long to do more. Our teenagers don't want to be statistics, they want to change the world for the better.

Are we giving them a boost up, or giving in to their every whim? Do Hard Things is a book I would recommend every teenager or pre-teen read. Parents too. Set the bar higher. I can tell you, in sitting in that circle, those children, had more faith and belief than most adults I know. Why do we expect our kids to fail? Children will become exactly what you allow them to become. Allow them to become the hope of this world. The faith of this world. The church of this world.

So what are your kids up to? Share the love and bring on the Revolution.

God bless you and yours.

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