Monday, July 20, 2009

Graduation Parties

It is a phenomenon here in Michigan, at least I had never been to a graduation party of such magnitude in Arizona. People here throw very nice, very wonderful graduation parties. Some elaborate, some not so much. Some rent out parks, some do tents in the backyard. I have been to five this year, including one yesterday for my nephew Chad. It was at his aunt Kim's house and it was very nice.

Everyone was different. Everyone had so much food, you ate yourself sick in no time. All had some kind of picture montage of the kids growing up. So wonderful to see the little ones grow up over the years. All had some kind of box or basket for cards. And there was always a cake. A lot of cake, eat some cake, take some cake home, have some more cake. Cake. I personally, love cake and I am sick to death of it. Not that I won't have a slice, I am just a little sick of Costco cakes with the cheesecake filling. Just about every party had the cheesecake filling.

It was almost like a wedding. All the relatives that you never see, coming over to celebrate. Really kind of neat. And all of us giving what we could to help these kids with college expenses and so forth. It was great.

I don't know if I was unaware of grad parties in Arizona or if we just don't do them on such a large scale. One party had 300 people at any given time there. Big families and so forth. Makes me shudder at the cost of the wedding, but that is the future and this is now.

So, Tyler will be graduating in three years. I have to say, we will be having a graduation party for him. Probably put up some tents, have Scott man the grill and make more salads and beans and desserts than you can stand. Veggie trays and fruit trays and so forth. Tents and tables and whatnot. Not because we "have" to, but it is a great accomplishment. When he graduates college, we will send up a smoke signal.

What do you do about graduation? Ever thrown a grad party? Planning one soon? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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Dawn Cartwright said...

Oh yeah- been through many, the highlight being Kelly's college graduation when the kitchen sink had no hot water. So we tried to fix it -NO water at all. Bless my handy brother for running to Lowe's and replacing the whole faucet as guests were starting to arrive. A memorable day. But it is an honor to celebrate your loved one's accomplishments and hard work.