Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Eating

So, our niece is staying with us all week. Love her to death, she is great. All the kids home all summer, is kind of eating into my food budget. Where do they put it? Apparently teenagers eat a lot of food. I made tacos last night. Just some burger, shred some lettuce, cheese, queso, salsa, tortillas and sour cream. The kitchen looked as if ravenous dogs had rifled through it. Actually, they did. Yikes.

These kids eat as if they have not eaten all day. What is up with that? In our summer schedule, we stick to definite eating and snacking times. If the kitchen stayed open all day, we would be broke. They do have snack times. I encourage a healthy snack that will stick with them the longest. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. An apple with stick with you longer that a bowl of chips. The only reason we have chips is because we had hangtime here and they are leftover.

We have a family graduation party this weekend. I have never been to so many in one year. With our youth group and family, this makes five. Five graduation parties. So much food in one place. And yet, the teenagers eat their way through it. They eat everything, chicken, pasta, cookies, hamburgers, hotdogs. You name it, they will put some kind of sauce on it and eat it.

Speaking of sauce, my niece is a mustard fiend. I have the big bottles of mustard from Sam's club. She got here Saturday, we ran out of one already. She puts mustard on her mustard. I don't think she tastes any kind of food. She has mustard all over it. You name it, she puts mustard on it. My sister was the same with ketchup, but I don't think she does that anymore.

So, what ravenous dogs are eating through your summer budget? Do you have a summer budget? Share the love and pass the mustard.

God bless you and yours.

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apittman said...

I have twin teen-agers and a tween--all boys. Eating occupies a great deal of our time! It's like they graze--every two hours or so. One of the teenagers has been told repeatedly that my small mixing bowl is not a cereal bowl. But the one thing I have truly embraced with my summer eating machines is the lovely store brand...anything! One thing they have embraced, though, is the smoothie. A handful of frozen fruit, a yogurt and a banana. Our blender's getting a workout like never before!