Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, driving, day two

So yesterday was library day. Tyler asked if he could drive, I said yes, being the cool mom that I am. Cooper sat in the backseat with his blanket over his head. As we headed out, about one minute into our trip, I gave Tyler a heads up. He was not stopping and traffic was. He is still not stopping, I start yelling. All of a sudden, I have both hands on the roof of the van and my foot is on the dashboard and I am yelling, STOP, STOP, TYLER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP, at the top of my voice. He starts to stop and comes to a complete stop about one inch from the next guys bumper. Cooper starts crying in the back seat.

Not a good moment for me. I am supposed to be teaching him to drive and be calm and all that. But the guy who taught him to drive at driver's education had a brake on his side of the car, I don't. I need one. I may not survive this whole thing. Man, I cannot believe I freaked out like that, but he was not stopping. Not stopping. Then later, when it was time to go to VBS, I would not let him drive because it was rush hour. Someone please back me up on this. It is only his second day. I got the look of death and the silent treatment, all the way there. I cannot win with this battle. I am the adult though, and I can survive the death looks. This is not my first rodeo, but it is my first time teaching him to drive.

As visions of accidents run through my head, I am perplexed as how to proceed in this matter. I know he has to drive to learn, but am I really the one who needs to do it? I know I am, but man, I may not survive it. Truly, I could have a heart attack in the seat next to him. Then what?

Anyone one out there dealing with this driving situation? Help me out please, I need some advice.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Rush hour traffic is a death sport in IL. I wouldn't have let Ty drive then either. Hang in there, he will get it, we did. Maybe you could look into driving school? I know back in the day we got a discount on the insurance because we did that. Not why we did, Mom made me so nervous (still does)that every time we drove together, I would make mistakes & she would freak out. Maybe this should be something Scott should handle.

Dawn Cartwright said...

If it's any consolation, I am still saying "STOP!!!" to my 20 and 23 year olds! I would suggest not traumetizing any of your other children , however, and not let T-man drive when they are in the car. I don't remember letting any of my kids drive anyone other than just adults in the car. Don't forget to get some freeway experience also- down the road a bit I'd say.You will survive! I also had my kids log 50 hours with me(or dad) prior to taking their license test, as some states require that and I thought it was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible to watch your teenager drive a car!! But the death looks are not deserved. He needs to understand that Driver's Ed is not the real world of traffic. The real world of traffic is earned and a slow gradual process of allowing increasingly difficult situations. I started out with no siblings in the car too. For me it was too many distractions and too much risk. You start around the neighborhood, then out onto a busy street but back into the neighborhood, then a busy street for a while, then...
This process reminded me that as a new driver there is alot to learn that we old drivers don;t think about. The things we understand subconciously like the difference between white/yellow/dotted/straight lines on the road. The things we and other drivers do that communicate to our intentions. Then the whole defensive driving thing, so many idiots!!
It's terrifying and also exciting to allow them this hige resonsiblity.
But now that Josh has proven he is serious about driving I love it that he can go to the store for me and pick up his brothers from soccer etc. It's VERY handy!!

That said, he DID back up into his Coach's brand new car after lacrosse practice. As a a frist accident I'll take it. Expensive, but no injuries. Oh, the grief he will get all season long - I love it.