Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fourth of July

Well, as geeked as I am about Velocity, I am sure you are getting bored with it all. I would like to send out a prayer request. Phil Wing of The Phil Wing Band is having some kind of hold up, literally one document, in the adoption of a son from Africa. Please just pray for God's hand in all of this, it is a long journey.

The Fourth of July. Love those fireworks. In Michigan they are "legal". Well sort of. You have to go to Ohio to get the good ones, but basically, if you shoot them off over water, it isn't illegal to do that. It is illegal to own the fireworks that shoot over the water. That being said, there is some kind of "lake" in just about every neighborhood here. So there are fireworks everywhere. I am talking booms in the sky, just like if we went to an official fireworks show. All just across the street.

I had to work in the morning to about two o'clock. Came home, had some barbeque, and rested. The clan went across the street to our neighbors to fish and get ready for the show. There are these small creatures that are quite prevalent here in Michigan. They are called mosquitos. They are the state bird. I had bug spray and everything, and we still got killed by them. Along Cooper's hairline, exactly where the bug spray wasn't, he has eight, count them eight, bites. Somehow, each and every one of us had a bite on our elbows. I got bitten through my clothes on my behind. Explain that one to me, five bites, five of them, through my shorts. Everyone is itchy beyond belief. And we did not even stay for the whole show.

After an hour of fireworks, even the kids were ready to go home. They are pretty and wonderful to watch, but the bugs can do you in. I actually had a bat buzz my head in search of their little night time meal. Whatever. I love fireworks, I am just not a big nature buff. I don't camp without cabins with showers and toilets. Not outhouses, toilets that flush and everything. That is as far into nature as I get.

So what did you do on the Fourth? How was the show? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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Dawn Cartwright said...

We were sitting on a lake in Northern Michigan- no mosquitos at the 45th parallel! Awesome show from some very wealthy folks on the other side of the lake. Then driving home on Sunday, we saw about 15 separate communities along the highway- most I have ever seen in a given year.We couldn't look from side to side fast enough in some parts.
Love you , miss you. Tell Tyler to stop growing.