Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Driver's Permit

Today is the day. My baby, my Tyty, my T-bone, gets his permit. If I can clearly, in my head, see his first steps, then how did we get to here?? I have to hurry in this blog, so we can go and he can drive home. Oh my gosh, I may vomit. When does this whole parenting thing get easier? Oh yeah, I remember, never.

So, I don't have to add him to our insurance for his permit, but when he gets his license, my insurance will probably double. Yikes. He is going to have to get a job. At least in the summer and weekends in the school year. I did, I was snack bar girl at Roller World. Not a great job, but, hey, it paid the bills.

I guess I am okay with Tyler driving. He did take driver's training and has driven 20 hours there with an instructor. The instructor had a set of brakes on his side of the car though, and I do not. I may just shut my eyes and hope for the best. He is a good kid, doesn't panic, should be all right.

If by any chance, you hear some story on the news tonight about a mom in Michigan, who panicked and took the wheel from her newly permitted son and caused a twenty car pile-up, film at eleven, please just ignore the fact that it is me. Pray for me.

Off into the abyss.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

You will both be fine. Driving teens have like a gagillion guardian angles, so not to worry.

Dawn Cartwright said...

Congrats to Ty! First rite of passage.Make Scott teach him to parallel park!