Thursday, July 23, 2009

No sleep

Okay, if I start to ramble, I have had almost no sleep. My dear hubby is out of town on business and I could not sleep for the life of me last night. Up until midnight and just tossing and turning all night. It is so weird.

Whenever Scott is out of town, I do not sleep well. This is odd because it is not as if we are these huge snuggle bunnies. He gives off so much heat, I need my own side of the bed or I sweat like a pig. I do have to hold his hand or touch him in some way to fall asleep. But I truly like my side of the bed. Sleep is sacred. And now I have to go to work and attempt to make frappacinos with no sleep. Should be interesting.

Ever since the twins started sleeping through the night, I love sleep. I need it. I try to sleep 8-10 hours a night. Today is going to be very, very, hard. I inherited insomnia from my mother, so I do take a sleep aid, even that did not work last night.

Any of you out there know what I am talking about? Can you sleep without your hubby there? Do you sleep better when he is not there? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

I have only just started to sleep better without hubby around. In summer, wouldn't mind his hot body & the dog to sleep somewhere else, but alas that will not happen. At least with those 2 furnaces I don't have to have summer & winter type sheets/comforters. I wish I could get more sleep, 7.5 hrs doesn't cut it, but when you have to commute for an hour or so, sleep is the thing you sacrafice.

Dawn Cartwright said...

Thankfully I can sleep with or without my husband home. Good thing, as most of our married life he has had horrendous coaching hours and the last two years he lived in Canada. I would be a walking zombie had I not been able to sleep unless he was there.
I love going to bed and reading, and he doesn't like the light on, so I enjoy the nights that I can have the light on! As much as I love him,I am beginning to see why old people have separate beds and/or bedrooms.....