Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why would they do that?

We have all asked this question about our kids.  Why in the world would they do that?  Yesterday's blog had me thinking of all the weird and unusual things that either my child or my friends children have done.  Stupid and weird stuff.  Really, it makes me doubt their intelligence, even if they do end up being straight A students.  Let's play along and laugh at some of their antics.  You may also cry because the same thing happened to you.

When we brought Grant home from the hospital, the next morning, my perfectly potty trained three year old took a whiz right by the cradle.  I know this is the whole regression thing, but seriously, I thought he was just checking Grant out, and then the fateful noise.  Yikes, thank God for Spot Shot.

A couple of days later, Grant was in his baby seat and Ty just walked up and smacked him.  In his defense, he did not know I would walk in the room at the exact moment he belted the newborn.  Again, I get it, new baby, no attention for him.  But makes you wonder if you have some how messed up as a parent.

A good friend of mine had twin girls nine months after I had my twins and we would call each other every day with the latest "Oh my gosh" moment.  Hers would sometimes top mine, but this one tops them all.  She had just put the girls down for a nap.  She is very orderly, everything in it's place type of person.  But on that fateful day, she forgot one thing.  The girls got into her brand new, big tub, not tube, tub of Desitin.  You have seen it, the big jar.  They plastered each other's hair, the brand new bedspreads (mom had just redecorated), the wall paper and their clothes.  Why?  That stuff is water proof and her precious angels had to go around for three weeks with nasty hair until it all came out.  She must have washed their hair three times a day during that time.  They had plastered it on themselves.  It is enough to make you cry.

My all time favorite comes from a nameless child of a dear friend in Arizona.  They had gotten a pool and since most houses in Az have tile floors, my friend had told the boys they could go around the side of the house and "go to the bathroom", so they a: wouldn't pee in the pool and b: wouldn't kill themselves running wet on the tile and slip and fall.  Sounds logical to all of us, right?  A couple of weeks later, she comes around the side of the house and her seven year old son  is in full squat position doing what we all know she did not mean on the side of the house.  I mean, she never specified "number one" or "number two".  We all know what she meant, but her little bundle of joy just did what he was told to do.  

Men say they can't figure women out, well try to figure a kids logic and you will go batty.  All our kids do these types of things.  I think it is them testing out their little world.  At least that is what I tell myself when it is my kid.  Man, the hilarity of our jobs as mothers.  Take a minute, think about it, what has your precious little one done lately that made you scratch your head.

God bless you and yours.

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Anonymous said...

I know the 'unnamed AZ mom' you are referencing and I'm telling!!!! Actually I sent her the link! Keep it up I love your posts!!