Monday, January 19, 2009

In Case I Forgot

With so many things going on in our lives, we need to focus on our knees.  As in bending them and praying.  We do so much for our children, but often we forget to pray for them.  Or we only pray when they face a crisis.  I think we need to pray daily for our children.  I do try to do this in my morning time.  Prayer is essential in the raising of our children.  We cannot put it off until we face a crisis.  We need to bring our children to the Lord on a daily basis.  That is how they learn to rely on God, because we do.

Praying does not have to be this elaborate thing, it is quite simply, a conversation.  I thank God for my children, warts and all.  I ask God to protect them and watch over them.  I ask God to help them on their tests, or whatever challenges they may face that day at school.  I just bring them to God.  It is a humbling thing to realize we are not the only ones our children should rely on.  They need to place their trust in God.  

The most important thing I pray about is their friends.  I read that one bad friend in middle school can change the course of a child's life forever.  Just one.  I pray for Godly friends for my children or that the children my child is hanging out with will come to Christ through them.  I must be vigilant about this, it is beyond important.  Think about it, when you are a teenager, your friends shape what you wear, where you go, what you do, they are your everything.  I want my children to make decisions that benefit their lives, not wreck them.  

I frequently tell my children that their decisions determine their destiny.  There are no truer words than that.  What they decide to do or better yet, what not to do, can forever change their lives.  

So today, give your children to the Lord, He is the ultimate weapon against the craziness of what surrounds them.

God bless you and yours.

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Dawn said...

I use Stormy O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Parent". Awesome scripture right in the prayers. I also pray four things specifically; that God would bless and protect them each physically (healthily,too), emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.Hopefully that covers it all. I have also prayed for their future spouses (if that is God's will for them to marry) since they were little. I can't wait to eventually meet them and tell them they are an answer to many years of prayer!