Friday, January 23, 2009

Praying for ourselves

So all week I have been talking about prayer and prayer life.  Praying for all of those around us.  I think sometimes we get so caught up in our surroundings that we forget the center.  Ourselves.  We forget to pray for ourselves.

Some people are afraid to be so presumptuous as to come to the Lord with their daily "stuff".  The bible says that we are to go boldly before the Lord.  Boldly.  We are his children.  Just like you would welcome your child to sit up in your lap and tell you of their day, He welcomes us.  He wants it, He welcomes it.  Crawl up in your Heavenly Father's lap and have a one on one with Him.  He is not too busy, He is the Almighty One and would love it if you came to Him and asked for help, praised His name and felt His comfort.

So many of us grew up in churches that told us that God is mad at us or out to get us.  It took me many years to get over that feeling.  One step out of line and boom, lightening bolts showered down from above.  God is not mad at us, He passionately loves us and wants to nurture us.  I truly believe that.  He wants us to be with Him.  He wants the daily hang ups and hurts that touch our lives to be turned over to His will and His love.  Amazing.

One word that helped me so much in my prayer life is grace.  Grace.  God's grace is new every morning, His compassion is overflowing.  Embrace grace.  Swim in it's peaceful waters.  Calm your soul, accept God's peace in your life.  Go to God with any and all your problems and worries and hang ups and habits.  Come to the Lord with all the wonderful things that are happening in your life, even the bad things.  Praise Him for challenges and praise Him for every joy and happiness in your life.  God is good.  God is peace.  God is love.  

Try to remember, God just wants us to show up and come to Him.  He can handle all of the things going on in our lives, He is the Almighty.

God bless you and yours.

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hiyahun said...

I had been praying for a while now that the house next to us would sell and that the new owners would be christian. Not only that though... I have so longed for my daughter to have a friend. there are all boys on our street and Willow has been left behind. Now we have a great neighbor who is christian and has 2 kids a son 7 and a daughter 5. Answers yes but also blessings. My husband has also got the chance for a christin male friend to chat with and connect with. A bigger answer to a prayer that I didn't realize was being prayed for. God know so much more then what we actually pray for and hears our hearts desires.