Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Prayer for our Leaders

With today being the inauguration you probably think I mean our new president.  I do not, but I do pray for him too.  I mean our children's leaders, their teachers.  My oldest is in the ninth grade and my youngest is in the fourth.  I have met a lot of teachers.  Some great, some good, some challenging.  

I think the topic of my blog this week will be around prayer.  We have to pray for our children's teachers.  They are with them six to seven hours a day and can influence them.  I have had teachers preach their political agenda in class (I met with the principal the next day, considering it was music class and only one agenda was "taught").  I personally had a teacher, in religion class tell me that God does not answer prayers.  Yikes.

You have to know your children's teachers and what they are about.  Most, and I would say this about at least 95% of all teachers out there, are just there doing their best to further your child's learning.  Some are not.  Some are burnt out, some are there for lack of something better to do.  Some are strict, some are pushovers, but all are working for you.  That is what I said, teachers work for you.

Teachers try so hard to get to know your child and do their best by them.  How do I know this, because I meet my children's teachers, all of them, every year.  I back up the teachers too.  So many parents don't want one more problem at home, so they tell the teacher to "handle" their child at school, they don't want to hear about it.  Not good, you must make sure your kids are being all they can be too, and that does not mean being disruptive.  I do admit to having some challenging teachers, but this also teaches your children a great life lesson.  

In life, we have all had good teachers, bad teachers, good bosses, bad bosses, good coaches, bad coaches, and the list goes on.  We all had to adapt.  It is a fine line we walk as parents.  We cannot coddle our children, but we must stick up for them.  Again, lots of prayer helps this.

I guess I am saying that bringing God into the equation can only make it better.  All of life is chaotic, God brings peace.  Praying for our children's teachers can make bad situations better, bring more understanding to the table and only bring grace to their lives.  These dedicated individuals spend way more than forty hours a week working, they spend their own money on supplies and try to do their very best.  We need to bless them every day.  And if your child has a challenging teacher, pray harder, keep informed and do your best by your child every day.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

That teacher wouldn't be Mrs. Bell would it? I remember her saying all that mattered was showing up at church, didn't have to have your mind on it.

Kay Klebba said...

I cannot remember her name, it was Junior year, she had really tight curled hair, she was always yelling at Karine Wingert for falling asleep. She was a peach, let me tell you. I think she hated teaching.