Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My baby is 15!

Today, my little baby is turning fifteen.  When did that happen.  Everyone says it goes so fast, but it really does.  The funny thing is, I could not wait for this kid to be born.  Not just because he was my first and we did want to be surprised as to whether it was a boy or a girl.  Tyler was nine days late.  Nine days.  

You see, pregnancy is weird.  First you are so happy (or really, really surprised, whoops), but you still feel kind of sick, really tired and you have to pee all the time.  Then, the middle is wondrous.  You feel like you have your energy back, food is fun again, sometimes your sex drive comes back, the baby moves for the first time, all that fun exciting stuff.  Then your third trimester rolls around.  You use your tummy for a table, heartburn comes along after eating anything, your feet swell up, the baby is big enough to kick you in the ribs and make it count, you get to be done.  Really ready to be done.  You also start to believe that you will be pregnant forever.  And ever and ever and ever.  

I was sure Tyler was a girl.  Positive, knew it, knew it, knew it.  So much for a mother's intuition.  He's a boy.  He is a boy who arrived after sixteen hours of labor, nine days late, he pooped inside me (they do that when they are late) and gave me a raging infection during labor which resulted in a C-section.  Thank God it was a C-section because he came in at 9lbs. 10 oz.  That is not a typo, he was huge.  It was like having a three month old.  He as also the most beautiful baby.  No cone head from the birth canal, no marks on his face, nothing except perfect little round face and ten happy toes and ten happy little chunk a munk fingers.

It was worth it, but those last nine days were miserable.  Now he stands two inches taller than me, has a blonde afro like hair and is an amazing human being.  I know he is mine, but he really is a great kid.  I cannot believe he is turning fifteen.  It did go fast.

Take a minute to watch your children today, make a memory and try to remember it.  

God bless you and yours.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler! Hard to believe he is only five years younger than Kristy. That's the same age difference between Michael and his girlfriend (she's 32- he's almost 27)-Scary,huh???
What time do you get up anyway?

Baby Z's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Tyler. It was just yesterday you were behind the couch with that green crayon. Boy Kay, where did the time go? Hugs.

Kay Klebba said...


I think the blog is still on New Mexico time, where I created it. I get up at five to get on the treadmill. Love you. Michael's girlfriend is older???????? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kay - it's sad when we start counting backwards - only two more Christmases until Josh is in college - He's 6'1 and 175 pounds and still a total goofball - next year I will officially have three teenagers - wow - I am REALLY trying to slow things down, breathe, and enjoy the moments