Friday, January 16, 2009

It's My Anniversary

So, sixteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle and said I do.  I always say I would do it again, and I would, in a heartbeat.  

That is a true measuring stick  of life, would you go back and do it again.  I would, but that is a tough measure.  All the fights, the kids, the twins in the NICU, Tyler's emergency appendectomy, the loss of jobs, the moving, the chaos of four kids under the age of four.  Through it all, I would do all of it again.  I love my life, chaos and all.

If you change one thing, you could change it all.  That just is not worth it.  I want to learn from my mistakes and move forward.  Looking back will never change the past, dwelling on it can ruin the present.  Embrace the past, crud and all, I am positive you can find some silver lining in the chaos.

How many years have you been married?  What what the single most thing that gave you an "AHA" moment?

God bless you and yours.


Dawn said...

30 years in June. WOW! My moment was realizing that I would rather have my husband home, living in the same city/house as me, with or without a job, rather than living 18 hours apart in a different country. Got my prayer- with no job. I'd still rather be struggling and poor than not have my best friend next to me. We are awaiting the next adventure God takes us on. Oh wait- we are in the middle of it!

Baby Z's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, I can't believe it was 16 yrs ago. I remember your wedding, it was the start of another chapter of my life too. Thanks for the invite, wouldn't have been put on this path without it.
No major "aha" moment for me. Little ones all the time that sneak up on me, like the dishwasher being emptied while I was having a "me" minute yesterday.

Christina said...

Aww, Kay! Happy anniversary! I'll give you a hug on Sunday! I would treat you to coffee, but that's just corny... :)

Let's see...Dorian and I have been married for almost two years. Don't scoff! I know you just read that line and thought "Two years? Pah! That's nothing!"

An "AHA!" moment? Hmm. Probably realizing that what I've heard all these years is true - that having a husband is like having another child. *laff*