Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playtime, snow or sun.

As I was thinking about how cold it gets in Michigan and how hot it gets in Arizona, something occurred to me.  Kids adapt.  It could be ten degrees out and my kids want to go sledding.  Or it could be 110 in the shade and the boys are outside running around playing baseball.  They come in all red faced and drink a gallon of water, but they still want to play.

When do we lose our "will" to play?  Rain or shine, kids want to play, when do we as adults lose this vital part  of our lives.  We need to play too.  But now we have to plan to play, and then it is somewhat reluctant.  "If I take the kids to the park, the laundry will have to wait" or "If I sit down to play monopoly with my kids, the dishes will sit in the sink."  This is our lives.

I say, "Let's Play!"  Let's take some time today to build a snowman.  Okay, the high in Michigan today is only going to be ten degrees, the snowman can wait.  But I can attempt video games with Cooper.  I can hear him now, "Uh, mom?  That's not how you do it."  

My point is, don't get so bogged down in our daily commute, our jobs, our messes that we forget to play.  In the summer, water fights are fun, and cool everyone off.  Teach your kids a card game, even poker, no real money, just chips.  Have some planned fun.  Discover your will to play.  The housework will still get done, with you in a better frame of mind.

God bless you and yours.

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