Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Booger freezing cold.

Okay, so I learned something today.  There is cold, really cold, bitter cold and booger freezing cold.  Booger freezing cold is when it is so cold, when you go outside, your boogers freeze in your nose.  Seriously, it happens.  It's not pretty.  

As I continue my life journey in Michigan, these small tidbits make my life complete.  I had no idea it could get so cold.  This is my third Michigan winter, but the first was quite mild, the second only had one really booger freezing cold day.  We are in for a week of booger freezing cold temperatures.  We actually may not have school because it may be too cold.  I have looked long and hard in our school handbook, there is no "technical" temperature to close school.  That being said, if children cannot stand at a bus stop or walk to school without getting frost bitten, they close school.  Amazing.

They never closed school in Arizona because it was too hot.  It gets hot, really hot, burning your hands off to drive hot.  Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot (the boys in my old neighborhood actually did this, it really does work).  Get blisters on your feet if you dare to try to cross the street barefoot hot.  You will only ever try that once.  I think the kids in Arizona should get a "heat" day.  It's only fair, we are probably going to get a "cold" day.  Fair is fair.

What regional saying cracks you up?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Kay, they don't have heat days in AZ because they are smart enogh (most times) to have school end before the "fry an egg on the sidewalk" hot. You're lucky, the 5 IL winters I've had have ALL been booger freezing. This week, however I think will be a lot worse. Will have to see what body part actually freezes. Why did we move from the desert again?

Kay Klebba said...

For our husbands?

THAT GIRL said...

I'm here from a link off of Allison Pittman's e-newsletter.

I love that "booger freezing cold." I'll have to say that one to my kids!


hiyahun said...

I remember the time i lived in Minnesota, the farmers use to laugh and say "it ain't cold til the nose hairs freeze". I have only heard this there. Now 2 of my nieces are living in NW IN. and the older one has informed me that it is 'Booger freezing 'cold there. So now i have heard that twice...LOL once from you and now from her. I love your blogs!!!