Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time for You.

We as mothers have very little time to ourselves.  Even as we go to the bathroom, little fingers poke under the door or a knock sounds.  Sometimes, our names are just bellowed throughout the house until answered.  Amazing.  Kids are needy little creatures.  Sometimes, they just need to yell "Mom!" at the top of their voices, even when you are standing right next to them.  I have made my shower and my  bathroom time sacred.  I get to take a shower alone, and I get to poo alone.  This is just common decency.  If your kids are still quite little, they may still wander in when you are showering.  If you notice them staring a little bit too much, it's time to lock the door.  We don't want to scar them for life.

I get up early every morning to exercise (okay, just started last week, but hey, I'm trying) and to read my bible and to do this blog.  I need quiet before the chaos.  I have friends who think I am nuts, they would rather stay up late than get up early.  I think they are nuts for staying up late, so we are even.  You have to take time for you.  It could be nap time, it could be early in the morning or late at night, but you need to do it.  

This is your time to recharge your batteries.  They get sucked dry every day.  We are everything to everyone in our household and sometimes beyond.  Taking time for myself took a long time to develop for me.  I felt guilty if every moment was not taken up.  I volunteered at school, at church, everywhere.  You get burned out so quickly doing all things for all people.  Then I decided to focus on only my house, my kids, my husband.  This is a good thing, it helped me find my passion, women's ministry, which has lead to me writing and speaking.  Taking time for you helps you to focus on what matters most.

It is also okay to go get your toes done, lunch with a girlfriend, a little shopping, or all three, whatever, just make time for you.  Taking time to take care of you will make you a better mom, a better wife and a better you.  Take some time, recharge, the dishes will still be there. 

God bless you and yours.

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