Thursday, September 24, 2009


For reasons I have yet to understand, some of my son's friends from our youth group, have decided to come over this morning for waffles. Let's get something straight right away. I don't make homemade waffles. I never have. I owned a waffle iron once, and never used it. These will be Eggos from the freezer. They just want to come over and say hi to "Momma Kay". Okay........

The teenage mind in hilarious. I am sure this started as some kind of joke. They don't even go to my son's high school, but to one farther away. Yet, they are coming over for waffles. I realize this is just a ploy to be random, but hey, I do love these kids.

So I must go and warm up the toaster. I thought briefly about getting some sausage yesterday to compliment the waffles, but where is the randomness in that? I will get out my Costco size syrup and the butter and the plates and make them waffles. Hilarious. If you have not hung out with teenagers lately, let me tell you, "random" is one of their favorite words.

Literally, five kids are getting up earlier than they have to, all in the name of crappy waffles from a wild haired, not had enough coffee, crazy lady. Okey dokey. Gotta love it.

What is random in your life today? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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