Friday, September 11, 2009

The homework dilemma

Okay, I am old. I am not ashamed to admit that I have reached the ripe old age 42 and that I went to middle school thirty years ago. That being said, I believe that I am not an idiot. I am educated, and keep up on current events and such. I often say I am full of useless information. My husband and his brother, in an attempt to stump me, took out a dictionary one day. They picked words at random and I knew the meaning or what it was about in every case. I do read a lot. I love to read. Okay, so I am what I would call intelligent. Mostly.

So, the homework of a middle school child should not be that hard. I mean, the Scientific Method and all that jazz. The problem was that a packet was sent home to be completed, all these blank spaces, but no book or workbook or hand out to go with it. So, how am I supposed to help with this stuff? I could not. Let me give you an example.

"1. Ask a question. Also known as __________. This step is what puts the scientific method into action and is based upon___________. Involves a defined question. (what, why, how statements).

No book, no workbook, no nothing. So what do I do? It only got worse from there. The first page has two definitions on it, nothing really to do with the scientific method. There is a page with some type of graph type thing about the scientific method and a paragraph kind of explaining it, that being said, no book, no specific words to help out. I know I wasn't in class and that no notes were taken. It is seventh grade and the first week of school. These kids barely know what day it is at this point. They can't figure out their locker combination and can barely find their way around a new school with new students from four or five grade schools. Basically, the don't know their elbows from their you know whats.

So I have to make a call this morning and Grant is going in before school to talk to the teacher and possibly do the homework at lunch. Am I out of line to expect my child to be properly equipped to do his homework? I am not that mom. I do not excuse homework, he has to do it, but he needs the proper tools to complete it. Help me out here moms, am I out of line? Just asking.

What challenges are you facing this school year? Share the love.....

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

What the heck, no work book or book?! How are you (Grant) supposed to complete that work. How do you (Mom) know if that was even discussed in class and they were just supposed to have absorbed the info by magic. No, you are not out of line, it is worth the phone call to the teacher. Maybe someone forgot to bring something home or the teacher forgot to include something in the packet, without the phone call you will not have the proper answers you seek.

apittman said...

Here's our 5th grader came home with his folder signed because he didn't finish his homework. Here's what happened: the day before, he asked the teacher if they were supposed to do the back of the worksheet. She wouldn't answer him, because she'd already explained it ONCE. She told him to ask the boy next to him. So Charlie did, and the boy said, "No. We don't have to do the back." Well, guess what? They were supposed to do the back. Apparently she finds that process much more efficient than simply saying "Yes." Or even, "Yes. Now, from now on, you need to listen closely." Grrrrr....made me furious. Like we all don't need to have information repeated/clarified for us. Again, grrrrrrrrrrr...

Anonymous said...

Was it hypothesis? I have to know.
I've found too many teachers (along with the mostly wonderful ones)have this sort of power freak thing going on in their classroom. Common sense never enters into their teaching. Frustrating, but we learn from dealing with all kinds of people.