Monday, September 14, 2009

Forgot Cooper's Lunch

Sorry so late today, apparently I am a horrible mom. As I went to get a tea bag down, I noticed the brown paper bags that are used to pack Cooper's lunch. Then it hit me. I did not pack his lunch. Now you may say, "That's okay, he won't starve". Let's remember, this is my Aspberger's boy and his schedule may not be interrupted. He will not eat cafeteria food, not because he may not like it, but because the entire cafeteria smells like a cafeteria. So I scrambled myself into the shower because I work today, and I cannot go out looking like death. If I had the day off I would have just thrown on a bra and gone and delivered his lunch.

If you can call it lunch. He has the same thing every day. Pretzels, wheat thins and a Capri Sun. Goldfish crackers for snack. Do not deviate from the menu, ever, ever ever. Well, I delivered his lunch and scrambled back home to write my blog before work.

What have you forgotten lately? Make you cry or make you laugh? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

The traditional "candy card" for Kristy's 21st birthday...but redeemed myself by putting it her car at 7 am this morning...yawn. What we don't do for our children. Does Coop ever eat protein?

Kay Klebba said...

Yes, he eats chicken and steak and peanut butter and bacon and eggs...........