Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hubby's birthday

So tomorrow, my husband will turn 40. He will tell you that I will always be older than him. While that is true, and somewhat cruel, he is hitting the big four oh. I have asked him what he wants. He wants new white t-shirts and underwear. That's it. Don't go all out. Just some new underthings.

Whatever. I will get him his underwear. This brings up a great question. Why are guys so hard to buy for? How much cologne and ties can we buy? How many audio books (they mostly hate to read), money clips, even six packs of their favorite beer can we buy? How many stupid t-shirts with some kind of stupid saying about something they used to joke about? He was a golf professional for fifteen years, so he needs no clubs, no shirts, no tees, nothing regarding golf. I have, in the past, gotten him an official Tiger's jersey. An official Red-Wings jersey, and we don't buy Lions anything, they are horrible. Even Detroiters don't buy Lions stuff, it's just embarrassing to own. He likes the Suns more than the Pistons, and he has a Suns jersey.

What do you get your hubby for his birthday? Father's day? Christmas? Just curious. I need more ideas please.

Have a great day, God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Can't help you there. Hiram gets what he wants when he thinks about it. Source of gift giving pain since I've known him. The best gift of course is being married to us. LOL. I wish I knew why they were so hard to buy for, but don't.

Dawn Cartwright said...

We "make a memory". None of us needs more stuff. Take a night off and walk through a park, see a favorite movie, eat a yummy dessert. We've gone antiquing as that is one of the things we used to do BK (before kids). Promise him a special- you know...and make good on it! Happy BD old man!!!