Thursday, June 25, 2009

Velocity Church Camp

So, tomorrow I leave for Velocity, our church camp in Gambier, Ohio. I have to pack for Tyler and Grant before I leave. They don't leave until Saturday. I have to say, I have prayed and fasted for this trip to be a safe, life changing experience for everyone who goes. I will not be blogging until I get back. That will be so hard for me, not to share with you daily the amazing things going on. I will have plenty to say when I get back. So, I will return to the blog next Friday, if I survive the week. Two words, no air conditioning.

That is actually stated in the brochure, "bring a fan to cool your room, there is no air conditioning. Should be interesting as here in the midwest, humidity is king. I think cool showers will be a daily thing for me. Pray for me and the other leaders and the kiddos. I have declared my room to be the snack room, so I must stock up.

Have a great week. God bless you and yours.

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apittman said...

Take a bottle of Bath-n-Body body spray (or any fresh-scented body spray). The scent is refreshing, and it's really cooling as the alcohol in the spray evaporates from your skin--especially under a fan! Of course, it works best if you're naked, so you might have a few challenges...
Have a great time!!!