Friday, June 5, 2009

Youth Group

So, last night I helped out with our church's youth group.  Somehow, I have become a leader, I seriously do not know how that happened.  I told Pastor Tim that I would help with fundraising in January and now I am the high school girl's leader at our Velocity summer camp.  Makes your head spin.  I am not complaining, I actually love it.  I am constantly amazed by these kids, literally.  It also helps that two of my sons were actually there last night and having a great time.  Tyler plays guitar in our youth band and they were up on stage last night.  Awesome.

So, it comes to mind that God puts you were He needs you.  I have always been called to women's ministry.  I have avoided taking care of children at church.  Not because I don't love them, but really because I was so busy with four little ones, I did not have the patience to deal with anyone else's little balls of sunshine.  I worked on our Christmas Tea for the ladies in our church and loved it.  Then it happened, I just walked up to PT and said I would help with fundraising.  That lead me to help sometimes at youth group and then I was asked to help with Velocity.  I have to pause and ponder.

Some of the girls came up to me and told me they were so excited that I was going.  I am truly humbled, teenagers want to spend time with me.  Wow, really?  How fun.  I know I will come home from this camp absolutely exhausted and wondering what the heck I was thinking.  I expect God to show up and work miracles.  These kids are really trying to learn and put God into their every day lives.  They face challenges we never did and that our parents cannot imagine.  The world tells them one thing and their hearts another.  These kids are not afraid to express their faith and still be teenagers. One has their lip pierced, one has funky hair (not including my bundle of joy) one sings like a rock star, all are amazing to me.  

So, here I sit, involved in my children's lives in a way I never thought possible and loving it.  Exhausted from making milkshakes for seventy kids (Joanie makes hers too thick, I make mine too thin) and loving every minute of it.  Two of my kids will be at Velocity, but I am not allowed to be their mom on the trip, I am not in charge of them, only the chicas in high school.  Pray for me, I will have to ignore a lot of things going on in the name of being fair.  I will have to let all the burping and farting go unnoticed.  Yikes.

What are you doing in and around your kids lately?  Share the love.

God bless you and yours.


apittman said...

A few years ago, God gave me two wonderful gifts: the letter "N" and its cousin "O." As in, Q:"Should I volunteer to...?" A: "Ummm--No." I love you, darling Kay, but that's one of the reasons you don't have a day off! And I know you enjoy the work, but think about it, all that time you're working with the youth could be time (at least some of) your kids are spiritually occupied...away from you. Just sayin', because--as you know--I'm a tough love kinda girl!

Kay Klebba said...

I have said no several times, actually stopped volunteering completely for years, it is quite freeing. This is something I want to do, so I will enjoy it, I love these kids. I may feel different after Velocity, but today, I am excited. My sister, who is an empty nester, assures me that I will miss these crazy times. I love your tough love, keep it coming. You keep me grounded