Thursday, June 4, 2009

A mom's day off..........

So today, I do not have to go to work at Starbucks.  It's my day off.  That does not mean I actually have a day off to loaf around and do nothing.  I am a mom, I will be running my behind off.  I have errands and stuff and I have to fax some stuff and mail some stuff and all that jazz.

The question becomes, when do mom's get a day off?  If you read my Mother's day tirade, I did not get mother's day off.  I think I am supposed to get mother's day off, but due to various things, I ran like a dog all day.  So if I don't get mother's day off, when do I get to sit?  The answer is never.  Mom's don't really get days off.  We squeeze in "moments" of peace.  Small moments for that matter.

I get up at 5:00 a.m. to walk and then read my bible.  I do so for the sheer quietness of the moment.  If I tried to read my bible and have alone time with God at night, I would be interrupted at least five times by every single one of my children and my husband.  I know this, because my wind down routine at the end of the day includes me reading a book before bed.  It is my attempt to relax before I attempt to sleep.  I never go to bed without one or more of my children needing something.  So I know, my alone time with God, which is precious to me, would not be alone time.

When I lived in Arizona, my best friend, Mary, literally lived down the street from me.  Our kids went to school together and played together just about every day.  Mary and I had to schedule our "play" dates.  Sneak away to get our toes done (I have yet to get a pedicure in Michigan, I don't think I can get my toes done without Mary, weird).  I will say that in Arizona, all my dear friends were within five minutes of my home, even right across the street, and we still had to schedule time together.  We have lost the knack of just dropping by to say hi or have coffee.  We need to get that back, the drop in and say "hi".  

I know I always hesitated the drop in because as busy as I was, I knew everyone of the moms I knew were just as busy.  But think about it, we need to stop scheduling and just start doing.  When our family left Arizona, my biggest regret was that we did not spend more time with dear friends on a daily or sometimes even a weekly basis.  Take some time and catch up.  If we just wave as we drive by each other, we may miss our friend who needs a pick me up or just a hug or just a cup of coffee.  I deeply miss my friends in Arizona, think about them every day, and regret not spending more time with our toes in the pool.  Don't live with regrets, knock on a friends door today.

So while we don't get a day off, we can reach out in our hectic lives and say hi.  I am going to make it my purpose to spend some time with a friend today, even if I have to run my errands later.  

Who do you miss the most today, let them know, they miss you too.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Knock knock. Just dropping by to say hey. I miss ya. Have a great day. Unfortunately, we will have to schedule time, IL & MI are close but not dropping by distance.

Kay Klebba said...

We do have to get together, really, I have been here almost three years, there is no excuse. You have less children, so you go first :)