Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainy day blues

Whenever it rains out, I get the urge to curl up on the couch and read and do nothing.  That is my perfect rainy day.  Oh yeah, all the kids have to be in school, so I am not bothered by them in my tranquil moments.  So as this week is the last week of school and it is cloudy, as soon as the bus rolls by, I will sit and quietly drink a cup of tea.  I may read a little, I may not.  I can do this for approximately ten minutes before I start my day.

Rainy days are made for making soup and relaxing and maybe baking bread.  I still make hockey pucks when I attempt bread, but I do thaw the frozen stuff really well and bake that up.  I did bake cookies on Friday, yummo, nothing beats homemade chocolate chip cookies, except for more homemade chocolate chip cookies.  That is an issue, once I bake them, I cannot stop eating them.  They are all gone.  I did not eat them all, but I had my share.  

So what do you do on rainy days?  Any protocol you like to follow?  How about a whole bunch of nothing?  Do you bake or cook?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.

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hiyahun said...

Living in Arizona, we don't get many rainy days. I LOVE a good loud thunderstorm. I love to snuggle in the covers and watch the lightning and think how awsome creation is and what a wonderful God we have that can make something so dangerous look so beautiful. I really miss the rain. But that being said, we have had a MILD June and a few overcast days... The last week has been in the 80-90 range and wont get to the 100s again until Thursday. I can handle that like a rainy day too. The overcast makes you want to sleep in, but the kids have been out of school here for 2 weeks.