Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's day

So, I just realized that Sunday is Father's day and my dad lives two thousand miles from me and I have yet to mail him a gift. Not good. It will be late. And what do you get a man who says he has everything he needs? I usually go gift card, they mail in a card quite easily. I am taking the kids to get Scott's gift today. He is tough too, the kids have some funny ideas, so the trip should be hilarious.

My dad has always cherished my mom. A true love story that has been a blessing to watch. Not always perfect, but willing to work through the tough times. Through that, I know, with all my heart that he has always loved us kids. My sister, brother and myself. There has never been a doubt that we were loved. There may not always have been tons of money or vacations and stuff, but there was always love. My dad is a hard worker and now at almost 80 years of age, his biggest regret is that he cannot wake up feeling 29 every morning. He does not like being sick or getting old, but so go the sands of time.

I consider my father a gift to our family. His work ethic, the way he worked to get his degree while working full time and supporting a family. His love for his roses. His love for his family. His refusal to ever give up on any of us kids. He is a good man and I am a daddy's girl. Always have been. So what to get this amazing man. He is not without faults, we all have them, but his love has never wavered. I think I am stuck with gift certificate again. Not very original, but will have to do.

What is your favorite memory of your father? Funny? Touching? Loving? Crazy? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Kay, that picture of Pop & Mom is so them. I am glad to see that they are still so in love. Your folks are the best, well second best, because mine are the best. LOL! I'm lucky this year Dad is here in IL for Father's Day, just need a card to make him cry & we are all good. I can't top the best Father's day gift 3 yrs ago, Gabriela got to come home from the hospital after being there 8 days. It was the best 1st Father's day for Hiram and Dad as a grandfather.

Dawn Cartwright said...

I got a card in the mail, and I will call him. That's all the budget will allow this year, unfortunately. I do have a photo album/frame put away that he will get for his birthday!!