Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Twinkies

So, my little twins are turning eleven on Sunday.  Time flies.  I remember fighting so hard to keep them inside so they could be strong and not too premature.  Then, after they were born, I don't remember anything for about two years.

I am not kidding.  One day when the twins were about four, Scott looked at me and said, "What did we do the first two years?"  I had no idea.  I have watched the video of their first birthday and have absolutely no recollection of the event.  None.  I will say, I must not have had my hair done in a long time, because it all fit into a ponytail, with no bangs.  That is a look I should not have and had not had since I was ten.  Yuck.  I know we moved into a new house when they were about 18 months old.  The only thing I remember about that was that Tatum had the stomach flu all night and I ended up with her in the ER at 2:00 a.m.  After catching up on sleep, I got to my new house after my kitchen had been unpacked and put away for me.  I burst into tears.  

I know that Grant was still in diapers when they were born and that I filled two Target bags with diapers every day.  Sorry for the environment, it is entirely my fault.  I do not know what they ate, when they walked, what they liked, none of that.  I simply do not remember and that is okay.  Maybe God is protecting me from losing what is left of my mind by blocking that time.  That makes sense to me.

So now, my little girl wants all things Twilight for her birthday and Cooper wants Bakugan and Gormiti.  If you don't know what those are (I had to google gormiti) they are basically pokemon but different.  I have a theory, once you collect all the cards and figures of one Japanese type of battle game, they come up with another one to make yours obsolete and you have to spend their college money on the new stuff.  But that is just my theory.

I know they are growing up so fast, but I miss the smell of spit up sometimes.  I am not saying I could or would do it all again, but I miss those times.  Or maybe I don't, because I cannot remember them.

Oh well, what do you miss about your babies being babies????  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

My baby is 3 today! She told me last night that she wants to be 1 yrs old not 3. Think she's figuring out she's growing up. I miss feeding her before she went to bed, she would fall asleep in my arms. We would stay like that for an hour or so, then I would grudgingly take her up to her crib. She was soo tiny and sweet. Now, she's 3 and with her new found attitude may not make it to 4. Just kidding, I love how she is growing into her own person. Yeah the twins are 11! Mom's b-day is the same day, she'll be 65 and officially retired. It will be a great Sunday for all of us.