Friday, June 12, 2009

First day of Summer

Okay, first, for the pool party yesterday, it was pouring rain.  Not a spring shower, but a constant soak that is so great for the grass.  Did not stop until midnight.  The funny thing was, the kids still went swimming.  The moms were on the deck with umbrellas, hilarious.  Nothing like getting soaking wet while you are swimming.  Not one ray of sunshine.  The kids had a blast.

As I sit here at 5:45 in the morning, the child who could not be awakened yesterday is watching cartoons downstairs.  Hilarious.  Yesterday it was like pulling teeth, today, comfy in his jammies, he is watching some cartoon.

We have a "family" meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss and sign the summer rules.  We will also be going over the chore jar.  Rolling of the eyes will be the first offense.  I am determined to have a great summer, despite my children.  Ha.

I must go clean, we have the twins birthday party, which has evolved into the "June" birthday party for the family.  I have to pick up and clean a bathroom and then go to work and then come home to family.  Good, busy day.  Toilets wait for no man.

Loving the first day of summer, quietness (except for the cartoons) and the calmness of my morning.  

God bless you and yours.


apittman said...

Ah...and today marks the end of our first week of summer vacation--where did it go??

Dawn Cartwright said...

Happy belated to the twinkies- pathetic aunt that I am. I'm glad you blog- feels like I am listening to you everyday. Oh wait, I am....
I do miss you. I have a week and 2 days left until I start summer school. So my summer is ending quickly, and it just started. I would NOT like year round school. Love you, miss you, come see me.