Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off to the Library

Or Libarry as the case may be.  We make our children, or rather encourage rather strongly,  to read for half an hour every day.  Today being my first day off since they have been out of school, it is library day.  As an avid reader, all I have to say is YEAH!

Here in Michigan, well in Macomb Township, there is this library of epic proportions.  I love it.  It is like all the libraries in all the movies.  Enormous and wonderful.  I go and get some books, the kids get books and movies.  You can check out movies for free people.  If you don't mind waiting until it gets donated or bought, you can see some newer stuff, just not on the day if was released on DVD.  When I realized we were spending close to forty dollars a month renting movies, we went to just the library.  If you like movies like we do, that is too much money to be spending.  So we check out movies from the library and buy they ones we know we want for our collections.  Saving money makes great cents (teehee).

So I am off to take a shower, eat a little breakfast and go to the library.  Love it.  As it is raining out, I know the place will be packed with moms and kids.  All the better.

What is one of your favorite, free things to do in the summer with the kids?  Let me know and share the love.

God bless you and yours.


apittman said...

Our theater chain offers free G and PG movies on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (10 am). Last week we saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. You've got to get there early for a seat, though. And to keep it truly free, I have fruit roll-ups and pretzels in my movie purse!

Kay Klebba said...

Love the movie purse, I take dollar store candy. I just found out that our local movie theater gives free popcorn with a ticket purchase every tuesday. Yeah, gotta love free.