Monday, May 11, 2009

What Mother's Day

So yesterday, in honor of Mother's Day, I worked like a dog.  Seriously.  I had to set my alarm, which should be a big no-no on Mother's Day.  I got up early, did not get my wonderful breakfast, loaded up three of my children and headed off to church.  There I proceeded to sell tickets (it was the last day to buy tickets) for the Youth Mission Trip Silent Auction and Spaghetti Dinner.  We did very well, praise God.  I also sat in second service and saw the best illustration of living your life for God I had ever seen.  If you are curious, give me a call, it was fabulous.  Then home again, home again.  Had to plant some flowers for my mother-in-law, time to get dirty.  Then I had to water said flowers.  Then I had to type up our item list for the silent auction so Pastor Tim can make up the bid sheets.  Then we went out of a simple dinner and then I went the heck to bed.

Did you see a massage or pedicure in there?  Did I go to the book store by myself and look around and have a cup of tea?  That would be a big fat no.  No rest for the mommy.  And this week doesn't look any better.  So I think I shall claim next Sunday another Mother's day, I shall eat chocolate and sit on my behind and expect to be waited on hand and foot.  That is only fair.  I shall sleep in and not take my son in early to church, there will be no signs put up because he is not there and no one will know where to go.  People will be milling about the outside of the building because I am claiming mother's day for me.  I shall have the breakfast of my dreams, eat it in bed and then casually and with no one banging on the door to get in, I shall take a long, hot, shower.  I will use my wonderful shower gels and scrub my calluses and everything.  I will put on my wonderful scented lotion, take my time to dress and then go to church.  After church, I will come home and not watch golf or a Red Wings game (which is all that was on at my house yesterday, I was on my computer and obviously did not care what was on TV).   I will watch a love story involving Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and no one will complain about it or ask when it will be over.  Someone in my household will make me a wonderful dinner and clean up the dishes and remember to turn the dishwasher on.  I will retire early and read a book until I fall blissfully in a dream filled wonderland of sleep.  None of my children will fight and everyone will smile and tell me what a great mother I am, even when I yell.  That is my ideal mother's day, but with a pedicure thrown in for good measure and maybe a massage.  Fabulous.

Never gonna happen, but a gal has to dream.  What is your ideal Mother's Day?  Share the love.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Your dream day sounds lovely. I just ask for uninterrupted sleep, to get up when I want and NO ONE, not even the dog, to need me for 24 hrs. I want them to handle the daily grind, just once without my intervention. Okay, maybe only 18.5 hours, I would miss bedtime snuggles with the daughter.

Dawn Cartwright said...

I actually had an ideal Mother's Day (minus Michael being home, but we talked and he sent pictures and a gift, so that was awesome). Went to church with Kit and the girls, lazed around all day, had a cookout and just spent time with the girls and Kit. Wonderful day- perfect weather. My heart is full. I wish for you the same rest next Sunday.