Monday, May 18, 2009

A Good Tired

So, even after sleeping around ten hours last night, I am still tired from Saturday.  The Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction was awesome.  Awesomeness comes at a price.  The price was all the adults involved are exhausted emotionally and physically.  God bless whoever was doing the dishes that night, they rocked.

I guess that is my point.  Whenever I have gone to these types of events, I never noticed all the behind the scenes stuff.  In running one, I can say, there is more behind the scenes than in the scenes.  Mine and JoAnn's husbands boiling pasta outside on special burners.  Don and Kim running the kitchen with precision and excellence that fed 500 people in twenty minutes.  All the volunteers that helped in the kitchen, whether cutting cucumbers or bread or doing dishes.  Amazing.  All the kids and parents that set up tables, set up the stage, set the tables, served the food.  Setting up the auction tables, everything in it's place and a place for everything.  The announcements, the youth band rocked.  My son shaved his hair into a mohawk.  He rocks the Hawk (I got a complete eye roll when I said that yesterday).  The live auction where we sold the youth for babysitting or yardwork or cleaning went well.  Dinner at the pastor's homes went amazing.  Our lead pastor sold for $500.00.  Rock on, that is one child going on the Mission trip with gravy.  Clean up was done and getting ready for church the next day.  All volunteers, totally amazing.

It was fun and wonderful and we are gearing up for next year.  Maybe by then, we adults will have recovered.  The kids were all fine, it's the old folks who need a week in the Bahamas to recover.  That is not in our budget by the way.  

It is humbling to be a part of something that will impact our world.  Sending these kids out of their comfort zone to do good in another place is a God thing and a good thing.  These trips change lives, not only of our youth, but of those they help.  One word, one gesture, one hand reaching out in love can change someone's life.  I am blessed to know these kids and their parents.  What a great group, and each and every one of them worked their bottoms off Saturday. 

What about you?  Anything going on in your woods that requires you to lose sleep and just keep going?  Share the love and the tiredness.

God bless you and yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

Okay, as your closest "punk" friend, I did the eye roll too. Rocked the Hawk?! I wil forgive you because you are you & I love ya! We had the St. Jude's Trike a thon Saturday. Miss G did five laps which is awesome for someone who barely reaches the pedals! She has raised about $140 for the kids at St. Judes. It is our first event for charity and the start we hope of a lifetime of volunteering. No lack of sleep other than raising a youngin'. Rest up my old friend.