Thursday, May 28, 2009

What does Summer mean to you?

So, Linda Goldfarb, an amazing speaker and writer, sent out her newsletter and asked that everyone tell her "You know it's summer when......."  It got me thinking.  What does summer mean to me?

When we lived in Arizona, it meant that we would be hitting our water park in Anthem and grilling out just about every night.  That's it.  A Fourth of July in the scorching heat and loving it.  There is something about actually feeling the heat coming off the sidewalk that just screams summer in Arizona.

Now that we live in Michigan, there is much more meaning.  It means you survived a winter.  Spring has sprung and the grass is green.  It still gets a little chilly at night and rain is a weekly event.  Grilling out and barbeques are an event to be celebrated.  Mosquitos are horrible and usually referred to as the state bird.  As you look down the street, the trees offer so many different shades of green, it stuns you.  People open their pools.  Here, only brave souls are setting foot in the pools, they are still freezing cold.  Kids are still in school at this point and counting the days.

Summer here in Michigan is like a reward for living through the snow.  People go to the Lake, the go up north, they go camping.  It's almost as if you have to fit everything in before it gets cold again.  The sun on your face and the shade of a tree are truly, truly appreciated.  

I plan almost nothing in the summer.  I do not put my kids in programs, summer is for freedom.  Free to play at your friends house, free to go to a bonfire, just free to run around and have fun.  We do have a "hang time" for the high school youth group in July, but other than that, just a whole bunch of summer time fun without schedules.

What is your summer plan or lack thereof?  Let me know, share the plans.

God bless you and yours.

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