Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coveting Stuff

Okay, we all know, Ye Shall Not Covet thy neighbors............, but we all do.  Case in point.  We had to make baskets for the Silent Auction and I had to go over to one of the ladies' homes to sort stuff and get it all together.  I knew it would be a nice home.  Nice does not come close to the majesty of this home.  I loved it and could not have designed the kitchen better.  Oh my gosh, I just wanted to move into a small corner somewhere, they never would have know I was there. That being said, I choose to celebrate that a friend has a wonderful home (in which the house I am currently living in could fit in the basement.)  

I have been on the other side, the jealous side, the "I deserve that" side.  It's not pretty.  In fact, it makes you pretty miserable.  Always wanting what you cannot have.  I used to want the perfect big house, the perfect yard, the perfect purse with matching shoes.  See, Satan does not want you to be content with what you have, he wants to keep you so busy working towards more stuff that you forget to take time for God.  When we fill our lives with stuff, we have very little room for change or growth or God.  I had to learn that the hard way.  God had to change my heart about a lot of things and I had to learn to be content no matter what my circumstances.

So many times through the years, I would say to God, "if you get me to this point, then I will have time to serve, then I will have time to be with You, then I will make time for You."  "I don't have time now because........."  I had to learn that first you come to God.  First you serve.  First you make time.  Then all things fall into place, and not necessarily the way we think it should be, but definitely the way God needs it to be.  

So what "thing" has you bogged down in "I want"  Is it a Coach purse (me too a little bit)?  Is it your friends brand new gorgeous home?  Is it that blouse you just have to have?  Is it even as small as a new pair of flip flops that you just don't need, but have to have.  When you say the words, "I have to have that" try to make it about your God time.   I have to be with God in the morning.  I have to read my bible.  I have to fast and pray.  I must do these things so that all the busy times are manageable.  Passionately pursue your Creator and watch the blessings pour out.  

No one is perfect and we all want pretty things, they just should not become our soul focus.  

Let me know what's going on in your "want" life.  

God bless you and yours.

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