Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't wanna go

How many times a day do we here this phrase?  "I don't wanna go to.........fill in the blank.  As all of you know, it is baseball season in the Klebba Clan.  Tyler has games tuesday and thursday and Grant has games monday and wednesday.  We do baseball just about every day with practices and stuff.  

Yesterday was a picture perfect day in Michigan.  It was 75 degrees, a mild breeze and sunny.  What a great day to watch a baseball game.  Not for Grant.  "Tyler never comes to my games", says Grant.  Well, Tyler is in advanced classes and has baseball practice on the days of Grant's games.  Not fair.  And maybe it isn't, but guess what, we are all going to the game.  Don't feel sorry for my kids, they got McDonald's from Grandma on the way to and from the game.  Happy meals before and ice cream after.  Does it really get any better than this?  Apparently for Grant, it can be so much better if he was just at home and doing nothing in his room.  "Why did you have to drag me to this stupid place, I have nothing to do".  After the second complaint, as I sat in the sun to watch baseball, with a nice cool breeze at my back, snacks at my feet and my toes on the grandstands, I simply replied, "Complain one more time and you are grounded for a month".  I then watched our team lose, but only by two and it was a great game. 

We all have to do things we don't want to.  As  mothers, we get up in the middle of the night countless times.  We help with school projects, we walk dogs, we cook and clean and do any number of menial tasks every day.  We don't grumble much and we take our lumps.  Well, sitting outside on a beautiful day with the grass tickling your toes, watching high school baseball is not torture.  Get over it.  And no, I will not drive back home to get a soccer ball, you should have thought of that before we left.  Yes, there are snacks in the bag.  No, you are not starving, you just ate.  

So where are you dragging your kids off to today.   Kicking and screaming or happily running along?

God bless you and yours.

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