Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life in The Fastlane

Busy, busy, busy.  Life here in the spring is chaos time, as I mentioned a lot lately, we are in the middle of baseball season for two of my children.  So add to that the Spaghetti dinner/ Silent Auction fundraiser on May 16th (did I mention that I volunteered to head up this thing?) and girlscouts, the school talent show and the fact that I work and I feel as if I never get to sit down.  

I like to sit.  I need to sit.  Sitting is good.  I stand all day at work and I am too old for this stuff.  Seriously.  Sitting and reading a book or watching a little TV is truly a necessary part of my life.  Yesterday, my total sit time, not including driving and meetings, was only about half an  hour.  That is not enough sit time.  Sitting time is when no one needs anything from you that requires you to get up.  Sitting time is curled up on the couch, maybe a blanket and a dog for comfort.  Sitting is not to be taken lightly, it must be enjoyed.  

As mothers, we tend to not take care of ourselves as we should.  I find it truly amazing that the minute I sit, my kids need something.  Thankfully, they are at the age that I can usually direct them to what they need from my little corner of the couch.  When all the kids were under the age of five, I remember my wake up routine.  Scott would always ask why it took so long for me to get out of bed.  I firmly told him that I knew I would not sit down until I went to bed that night.  Those were the days of constant need from my children.  I don't remember much, except juice cups and paper plates.  All the rest is a blur.  I do remember crying when the twins gave up their naps.  I cried for a month, I used to get so much done during that time.  I actually painted a bathroom during a nap one day.  Then I firmly locked the door until the paint was dry.  Amazing.  

So as I speed through my day, Grant and Tyler both have baseball games at opposite ends of our town, of course.  I work this morning, have to pack lunches etc., check backpacks, make sure uniforms are clean and cups can be found (not the kind you drink out of).  I have to email Pastor Tim with stuff in the auction so we can get the 600 people there that we need to make this event a success.  I will attempt a sit down at 9:00p.m.  But I think I will just go the heck to bed.

What's on your schedule?  Let me know, I know I am not alone in this.

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

Suggestions from your big sis- have the kids start packing their own lunches, or Scott. Once my kids starting playing sports, they were responsible for their own uniforms, etc. including washing them. Make this the summer to prepare them. They will thank you for it later even as they are complaining now. I watch young moms now do everything for their kids, and when they get to high school and college, they are lost. Just my humble opinion having been through it...You need to take care of you, too!

Baby Z's Mom said...

I get to sit at work, but it is not the kind of sitting that one needs to relax. I do get to veg out on the couch after Gabriela is in bed. Now if I could shut down my guilt while sitting on the couch because the floors are vacuumed or the wash isn't done.