Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Kool-Aid Mom

Remember that commercial where all the kids are in one backyard, and someone says, "your the Kool-Aid mom"?  Being the Kool-Aid mom meant that your house was were every kid in the neighborhood wanted to be.  Cool.  In the commercial, it also meant that you gave everyone Kool-Aid to quench their thirst and everyone smiles.  Really Cool.  I did not grow up on Kool-Aid, no fun little packets at our house.  But I do like Kool-Aid.  I admit at our church Carnival last year, being in charge of Kool-Aid, it was so hot, I drank a huge glass of it, and it tasted awesome.  Too sweet or not, it was good.  Yeah for Kool-Aid!

I was never the Kool-Aid mom in Arizona.  I attribute this to the fact that we did not have a pool. In order to be the Kool-Aid mom in a state where the you get at least 100 days of 100 degrees or higher, you have to have a pool.  Period.  Even your own kids don't want to be at your house, they are at the neighbor's with the pool.  That is just how the raft floats in good old AZ.  That being said, I could usually show up with my kids to the Kool-Aid house and hang out with my friends while our kids all swam.  There were usually belly flop contests and definitely water fights and running and jumping and pandemonium and fun.  Love it and miss it.

Yesterday, with the volleyball net up and kids running amok in the yard, the grill smoking and everyone having a good time, I was the Kool-Aid mom for awhile.  I loved it.  I love all the kiddos over.  From the eighteen year old, to the smallest five year old, we had it all.  Everyone was having a great time and I got to feed everyone.  There was no Kool-Aid, but we had a cooler full of pop and Capri Suns and waters, and that was good enough.

As a mom, having a houseful can be total chaos.  You may want to avoid it.  And if the boss is coming for dinner, and you need to clean, you can kick all these kids out.  That being said.....in the chaos of our lives, don't forget to welcome your child's friends into your home.  Feed them, listen to their conversations and make them say please and thank you.  You can always find some more hot dogs or sloppy joes to go around.  Be welcoming and embrace these kids.  Time goes by so fast, you blink and your "baby" is taking driver's training.  Their friends can change over time, but always, always let them know you care.  You never know what some kindness and words of encouragement can mean to one of them.  You may be the only mom who talks to them, so listen with open hearts and a plate full of cookies.  You can slice and bake, they really don't care.

Who is sitting at your dinner table today?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.

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