Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Yesterday we had a houseful.  I loved it.  Tyler's friends were over, Jake brought a volleyball net and the cousins were over and our friends with their kids and it was on.  Hot dogs, potato salad, man beans (bacon and burger and wonderfulness), chips and cookies and brownie surprise.  The brownie surprise is the only thing we have nothing left of.  We will be eating beans and potato salad for a couple days, but those things taste better the next day anyways.

As I sat there on the deck with some iced tea and surrounded by teenagers, I had to say, it does not get much better than that.  Kids playing volleyball and screaming and so on.  Getting my tan on ( a little) and just relaxing.  Even the volleyball hitting the table was fun.  I cannot complain.  I do have to work today, but only for four hours.  And really, I don't have to cook or anything, just warm up stuff or eat it out of a carton.  Yeah for me.

What did you do yesterday?  I mean after church.  Barbeque or inside?  In the pool or in the backyard?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.


Melissa said...

What a GREAT day for you! I have to agree, it does not get much better than that! I love having the backyard filled with laughter, screams and HALF the neighborhood! We did almost the same, but we had a more quiet dinner, and then the backyard filled up when we lit our Firepit! ;) We are Bbq-ing with friends today. Such Fun!

hiyahun said...

Sunday night the Church had a Movie in the park, Great fun for the kids. They showed BOLT and the kids could run around and sit and watch and no one complained that the kids weren't watching because it was family night and everyone was having fun. Monday we took the kids to the community center pool. It was over crowded but we had a blast. They were so exhausted they fell into bed alseep in minutes! They never fall asleep that quickly...LOL. Dad and i then enjoyed a few hours of peaceful bliss.