Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cover Me.....

You know in all those cop shows, where two partners are pinned down and one is going to make a run for it???  He barks out, "Cover me" and his partner comes up, starts shooting and the other guy runs for it for whatever reason.  This, for whatever reason, probably a God moment, came to me when I was thinking about praying this morning.  Actually, while I was praying this morning.  I was going down my list (if I don't have a list, I may forget someone) and I felt like I was covering them in prayer.  How many of us need to shout out, "Cover Me!!!!!!" to our friends and family to pray for us. 

In so many religions prayer has become tedious or just recited by memory.  Prayer, in my most humble opinion, was never meant to be this.  Prayer is a conversation with our God, who is passionately in love with us and wants us to come to Him.  Just us showing up to talk to our God.  I pray throughout my day, in little ways, but always start my day with my bible and some alone time with God.  It just sets the mood of my day.  It's like my barometer.  Usually if my day is in the crapper, it is because I was so rushed, I forgot to converse with God.  Then I find a quiet space, calm myself and give everything over to God.  

I am not saying that with prayer every day, I don't still have hectic and crazy days.  But when God is in charge, I handle things differently and even really bad things don't seem so bad.  

At Grant's baseball game last night (they won 18 to 8) I was sitting next to a gal I just met last week.  She was on the phone and kept saying, "I cannot imagine that, Oh my gosh."  She explained when she got off the phone, she explained.  Her babysitter, who is nineteen, was driving with friends and saw someone on the railroad tracks, and the train was coming.  They drove up to yell at the person to get off the tracks, the train was coming.  She arrived just in time to recognize her father, who was committing suicide, get hit by the train.  Her mother, upon hearing the news, had a mental breakdown and had to be committed.  She has a younger, ten year old sister that she had to go to court yesterday to get custody of.  They have no real family to help them through this horrible, awful time.  It is time for her Christian family to "cover her" in prayer.  The road before this child (I don't care if she is legal, she is a child) is one most of us cannot fathom.  So I covered this girl in prayer, I ask you to do the same.

While most of us do not deal with such huge issues on a daily basis, God wants all our issues.  He wants us to rely solely on Him, and not on our own understanding.  All things great and small, we need to go to our Heavenly Father and sit on his lap and talk.  When I ask my friends to pray for me, I know they will, and there is comfort in that.

So today, Cover Me!  And I will Cover you.  We are all in this together.

God bless you and yours.

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