Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's my job again?

So, if I work part-time and parent full time and do stuff for the church and fundraising for the Youth group and it's baseball season and I have two kids in baseball, what's my job again?  How come I am the only one qualified for this job and when in the heck did I interview for this one?  I do not remember any such interview.  I am sure it would have gone something like this.

"Are you available 24 hours a day?"  
"Are you willing to catch puke in your hands?"
" Are you able to live without sleep for days on end during a spell of stomach flu in your house"
"Can you still come to work with the stomach flu?"
"You do understand that you will be expected to run four children to four different activities all on the same day at the same time and no one can be late, right?"
"Whatever is going on, the laundry must be done every day, sometimes several times a day during a puking period or baseball season when they have games every day and the field was muddy?"
"At some point, your children will require a dog, you do understand that after the first month, if you don't feed, water and walk the dog, no one else will?  Are you willing to pick up dog poo?"
"You do know how to make a Jamestown village, in the winter, complete with small people walking around for school projects don't you?"
"Can you explain why your child's report was hand written and not typed by you at 3:00a.m.?"

The list of questions for said interview would have been pages long with me nodding along, "Of course I can."  "I went to college for this particular subject." "Not a problem, kids are my life"

What the heck?  Somedays I wonder how in the heck I got here.  Yesterday alone, I got up, did laundry, exercised, read my bible, read my book on fasting, got lunches ready, got four kids up and to school, took Tyler in early to school (I drove him in my pajamas and robe), got ready for my "real" job, went to Starbucks, made the coffee all day, got home from work, got Grant to the orthodontist, during his appointment made three calls regarding the Spaghetti dinner/Silent Auction for the youth group's mission trip, got him home, went to sign up Tyler and Grant for Hunter's safety (by the way, after running to the clubhouse in the pouring rain with no umbrella, the sign on the door said it was in the sign up was in the range house, on the other side of the parking lot), got home, ate, put away the laundry, made dinner for the husband, read a little bit and went the heck to bed.  And that was a slow day.

So again I ask.....when did I sign up for this job?  The only way to make it through one of my days is to start it with prayer and then keep on praying.  And I have to admit there are days I want to quit.  Just resign.  A small letter of resignation and I will take the credit card with the biggest limit and head off to the Bahamas.  Sounds like a plan today.  Just kidding, mostly.

What is your job description?  Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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