Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Middle Child

So my middle child is twelve today.  I remember his birth vividly, it was the only one that did not involve a C-section.  It was awesome.  I just sent him to his room for fighting with his brother.  A girl dropped off a candy bar with a note in our mailbox for his birthday and older brother knows this is perfect teasing material.  Anything that involves kissing and a twelve year old boy, perfect to just stick it to your brother about.  Off with their heads!  Everyone in their room and clean it while you are up there.

Birthdays as our children get older, get less complicated.  Grant wanted a Rip-Stick.  This is a two wheel skateboard type thing.  Fantastic.  Go to Target to look at one and boom, I get hit with the price tag.  Yikes is all I can say.  He got it, but that is it.  No more presents from us.  And he has to sleep with it and bring it in the house and never leave it outside and kiss it every day.  If he loses that thing, I may claim it on our insurance.  That being said, at least I am not up to my ears in birthday party kids and ice cream on the carpet and cake everywhere else.  Much cheaper to buy the toy they want than to throw a party.

It is tough as my children get older, and I see them turn into these amazing human beings.  It is a challenge, a wonder and a chaos all wrapped up into a child that you are responsible for raising into manhood (or womanhood).  What a blessing to be able to be a part of these creatures lives.  Okay, somedays it's a curse, but every now and then, they do something wonderful that blows your mind.  I am blessed.

How old are your kids?  What amazing thing have they done lately?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Miss G is going to be 3. She is truly amazing. I keep waiting for her "real mom" to come take her away from me, it just doesn't feel real that she is mine yet. My other child will be 31 and he is a handfull, aren't all husbands?

Melissa said...

My middle child just turned 12 last week! And the funny thing is she first asked for a Rip Stick, but thankfully changed her mind and asked for a new bike! I can totally relate to your post!