Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Lunch Mom....

So, we all know Grant does not like the lunch mom.  It is only one certain lunch mom he does not like.  Upon further investigation, none of the boys like her.  Kind of weird, they all feel persecuted by this one particular person in charge.  But, kids can exaggerate, so I went to the school to do some investigating of my own.  Grant has been coming home for weeks saying that she loves the girls and hates the boys.  I told him that she is in a position of authority and he will respect her.  It is a great life lesson for kids when they have someone who they do not like in their lives.  Think about it, you had good teachers and bad teachers, good coaches and bad coaches, good bosses and bad bosses.  That is life, and you have to learn that you cannot quit everything because of one bad person.  Okay, but I decided to do some checking of my own.

Well, turns out, while he cannot call her names, he is basically right about the lunch mom.  She isn't consistent.  Her own daughter is in my son's grade.  And she probably should not be a lunch mom.  That being said, I work and cannot be the lunch mom.  She is going to be in my child's life, and he is going to have to deal with her until at least the middle of June.  

This is what I think happens in a majority of PTA's, lunch mom situations, the Book Fair at school, whatever.  Power corrupts.  It is a basic fact of life.  It is a major reason that I will help at school, but refuse to be on the PTA, in the lunch room etc.  These chicks are not to be toyed with and they like the way they run things.  One of my dearest friends and I attempted a hostile takeover of our PTA in Arizona, we just wanted it to be fun, while we get all the stuff done.  Have some fun, don't be so cliquey and laugh a little.  We failed miserably.  You have no idea how much those PTA moms want to be in charge.  They are ruthless.  Seriously.  If you don't have school age children yet, beware.  If you are lucky enough to have a fun PTA that gets things done, count your blessings.  They are few and far between.  Period.

I don't know if they are bored or if this is the only place in their lives that they feel they are in control.  I don't know if they really are that passionate and look down on all of us lowly peons who really don't care if the awning for the playground is gray or tan.  We obviously are not giving the PTA the respect it deserves.  Have fun at meetings?  Why?  When we have agendas and are following a protocol and all that.  Yikes.  I just know that my sense of humor would not survive being in the PTA.

I did not come to this place casually.  I wanted to be that involved mom.  I wanted to be in the PTA, on the PTA, about the PTA.  And I will write a check for the awning, don't get me wrong.  I have just decided that my talents along with my personality are better suited to helping at church or with fundraising for the mission trip.  At least then, if I encounter the power happy gal, I can give it over to God and I know I am not allowed to beat her to death with her gavel at the meeting.  It is church and I am a Christian.  I am not serious enough for the PTA, they cannot take themselves with a grain of salt.  I have to look at myself and know that I cannot be catty and judgmental and don't ever want to be.  I am not better than them, I just don't want to be them.  I think you are allowed to say that.  I won't conform to their way of doing things, so I don't belong.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyone out there feel my pain?  Am I completely wrong, let me know.  

God bless you and yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

Not there yet. I keep forgetting to check out meetings for Miss G's preschool. I think that they are the cool PTA people, from the few I have met. I thought that once we graduated high school, all that "stuff" was done and over. Apparently not anytime there are women in groups. I feel like an outsider in this whole motherhood thing already, don't need power hungry women to make it worse.