Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Mother's Work is Never Done

So last week I wrote about the possible interview questions for a mom and our jobs and all that.  As I sit here exhausted and my week is only half over, I realize that we as moms never get our fifteen minute breaks, we eat lunch standing up, and sitting is a luxury.  I have noticed, the second I sit down to do anything, everyone who was happy doing things elsewhere, they all need something from me.  Why?  Do children have some kind of sensor that when my butt hits the couch, they have this bell go off in their brains?  Suddenly they need something for a homework project.  Or just a cup of juice.  Or a snack.  Or their snow boots that I just packed away.

Just when I finish the laundry, my oldest son comes home from baseball practice.  Because it had rained and the whole field was muddy, they had sliding practice.  Makes perfect sense to me.  I now have baseball clothes that are literally brown.  No longer are they white and orange.  Cleats are soaked and on the hot water heater to dry.  They had to be hosed down in the front yard so the washing machine would not clog with mud.  Tyler is freezing cold and taking a hot shower, I now have two more loads to do.  

That is just one of the many things that happen on a daily basis.  Our work is never done.  Sitting is obviously taboo to our children.  Although, I have noticed they do they same thing when I am on the phone.  That must be in their radar too, butts hitting a surface and the phone in our ear.  That is when they need things, not when I am up and running.  Kids also seem to interrupt you in one room because they need something on the opposite end of the house.  Why?  I still vote for some kind of sensor.  God does have a sense of humor you know.

We have to schedule time away.  We need to get our toes done or have lunch with the girlfriends, all that jazz.  By the way, if you are having lunch with your girlfriends, resist the urge to cut up their meals for them, you will never live it down.  Since we don't technically get a day off, we must wrangle one away from the children and claim it for ourselves, and Mother's Day does not count.  Get some time away, so we can function again in our normal lives.

God bless you and  your toes (which you should go get done today).

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Dawn Cartwright said...

What is it with you and toes? Haha. I'm just jealous as I have the fungus amongus from the Black Lagoon on mine.Love reading your stuff and getting a Kay-fix.Miss you!