Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ten Up, Ten Down

At a women's retreat a couple of years ago, I received some great advice.  It sounds simple, but it is a great way to go through life.  I was told "Everyone should go Ten up and Ten down."  Have a friend ten years older than you to help guide you through life, as she has been where you are at.  Have a friend ten years younger than you, she will keep you young and will look to you for guidance."  It sounds so simple, but in reality it is just good, sound, advice.  Ten up, ten down.

It just supports my "safety net" theory.  We as women need a safety net.  Sometimes it is our surrounding, extended family.  Sometimes it is our girlfriends around us.  We were not meant to go through life alone.  God has designed us to live together and help each other.  Our problem is that society has told us we must be "super" moms and do everything ourselves.  I think we can all agree that this just does not work.  It may work for a time, but eventually life caves in on you.  Our grandmothers usually lived within shouting distance of all the family's aunties and grammas and they could go to them for help.  Women helped each other, and it was not considered weird or that they were lacking in some way.  We all pitched in together.  We all need help and advice from time to time.  The women we need to go to are the ones who have been where we were at, and have been doing what we are now doing.  We need our Ten Ups and Ten Downs in life to make life worth living.

So who are you today, are you a Ten Up or a Ten Down?  Do you have these wonderful women in your life?  What can you do today to reach out to a ten down and help her?  As the mom of older kids, I do try to embrace the mom with younger kids who looks a little frazzled.  I have been that mom.  That little crazed tic of the eye and the hair all askew.  Take a little advice and go ten up and ten down.  It will only enrich your life.

God bless you and yours.

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